New online app created for the Neato Robotics botvac vacuum cleaners.

We created an online app for you to check and manage your Neato Robotics botvac vacuum cleaner from anywhere, even when you don’t have your Neato app at hand.
It’s free of course and can be found here:

You just login with your Neato credentials and via a secure connection you are begin redirected back to our app.
At this time you can start, stop and dock your robot vacuum and check schedule and WiFi info.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

“Stay on” updated with new Android security settings

The StayOn app changes the screen timeout, which in Android is a system settings.
In newer Android versions, with increased security settings, an app has to explicityly ask for the rights to change system settings.
So when you download the StayOn app in a newer Android version, you will be asked to allow the StayOn to change system settings.

Get version 1.3 here: