New Android app: ‘keep your telephone screen on’

Do you recognize this:

  • You are typing a to-do item on your phone and when you check the television for a second, your phone screen is off.
  • Or you are online banking on your phone, and when your child asks a question, your phone screen goes off.
  • Or you are typing an email on your phone, and when you ask for the exact name of the recipient, your phone screen goes off.
  • Or you are…. well you know what I mean.

Wouldn’t it be nice that you can easily extend the time that the screen will stay on?

I thought it would be nice that I could click a button and the screen would stay on long, and when I click the button again, it would restore the old screen timeout.

So click once: screen timeout long, click again: original screen timeout restored.

I would like that, so that will be my next app, and it will probably be named: ‘stay on’

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