“stay on” FAQ

Can I change the timeout of ’30 minutes’?
Not at this moment. Since the app has no screen/form/UI, I don’t have a place to put any ‘setting’ menu item. If and when I find a solution for this, I’ll make the ’30 minutes’ configurable.

My app resets to ’15 seconds’; the app of my colleague resets to ‘2 minutes’
When you start the app to extend the screen timeout time to 30 minutes, the app remembers the current screen timeout setting.
When you start the app again and the app resets the screen timeout, it resets the screen timeout to that original, remembered, setting.
So in this case, your original screen timeout setting was ’15 seconds’ and you colleagues screen timeout setting was ‘2 minutes’

Can I remove the notification from my home screen?
Not at this moment. I’ve put the notification there to indicate that the screen timeout is set to 30 minutes so you don’t forget to turn it back to ‘normal’ again to prevent heavy battery usage from the screen.
I would like to make it a configurable user setting but didn’t find out yet how to do that (see question “Can I change the timeout of ’30 minutes’?”)

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