New (spinoff) app idea: Am I connected?

New (spinoff) app idea: Am I connected?
Sometimes new ideas are no more than a spinoff of an existing idea (or app).
In my case, I created an app in which I show you your current internal and external IP address (

When I gather that information, I also gather the info which kind of data connection you have (WiFi or cell connection or none) and whether you have a live internet connection.
And what happened: I got messages that the IP addresses are nice and all, but all they really are interested in was whether they were internet connected or not!
They thought the IP address was only ‘noise’; which I can understand when you don’t use these terms daily.
And if I could build an app without the IP address with only the connection info.

The one question that needed to be answered was: “Am I connected?”.
And with “connected” they meant “internet connected”.
Of course there was a second question also when the answer was “yes”: am I WiFi or cell network connected?
The second question of course is for getting the right mind set for their data-usage because high data consumption on a cell network usually is a costly idea.

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