Started working on the “Am I connected” app

I started working on the “Am I connected” app this week.
My designer created all of the artwork (more about that in a later post) and all of the code already lives in my head.
Now it’s time to transfer all of the code from my head into the development environment (which is Eclipse, if you want to know).
A lot of time is spent on creating the screen. Even though it is only one screen, it takes a lot of time to get all things aligned right.
I was used to create screens in Microsoft Windows applications a few years ago and in my opinion it was a lot easier to create screens for the Windows app than for an Android app.
But on the other hand it’s fun to find out new ways to do stuff!

So the next weekend I’ll spend some time to create the logic behind the screen, and then the testing can start!

Keep you posted…

Actually it’s 2 screens because I create one for the portrait layout and one for the landscape layout.

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